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Information For Supporters

Supporting survivors of sexual violence

The Centre supports friends, families and professional supporters of survivors of sexual violence. If you are supporting a survivor all our services are available to you.

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It can be challenging when somebody you know discloses experiences of sexual violence to you and asks for your help. Remember this person confided in you because they feel that they can trust you. Perhaps you are the first person they have ever told. The fact that they have chosen to tell you says you are already doing something right.

The Centre can provide you with information on options available to the survivor. We can also offer you a space to share your own feelings about the situation as a supporter. You might feel affected by what you hear, particularly if you have a close relationship with a survivor.

We also offer training and support for professionals, who have to deal with disclosure as part of their work, for example Gards, social workers, teachers, community workers or counsellors.

When something terrible has happened to someone you are close to, it can be difficult to know what is the best help to offer. Nothing can be done now about the fact that a person has been hurt, but you can be there for them in their recovery.

Here are some things to remember which might help:

SAFE, non-abusive relationships are survivors most precious resources and you are very IMPORTANThand shake

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Some people find it helps them to regain some control over their lives by tackling these problems themselves. Others are not able to think about them at all. So again, respect the person’s feelings.