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Welcome to the website for the Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan

We are here to listen and support women and men, and young people who have been raped, sexually assaulted, sexually abused as children or have experienced other forms of sexual violence.

We will believe you

Throughout the website we refer to those who have experienced sexual violence as “survivors” to acknowledge what they have been through and the strength they exhibit in coping with and recovering from their experience.

We believe that an experience of sexual violence is not a life sentence, that recovery is possible and that survivors should be able to access the support they deserve.

We believe no matter what the circumstances sexual violence
is never the survivors fault the blame always lies with the perpetrator.

Services we offer

Information for survivors

Information for supporters

What to do in event of recent rape/assault

Frequently asked questions

We are here to listen and support you please ring 1800 750 780


New Counselling Volunteers Start

New Counselling Volunteers Start

We are delighted to announce that 5 new face-to face counselling volunteers have just started with us here in Sligo. In addition to having their own previous counselling qualifications and experience they have also been trained, by us, specifically to work with survivors of sexual violence. Enhancing our  face-to face counselling team has long been a goal […]

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Volunteers Needed For Flag Day October 13th 2016

Our annual Flag Day is coming up on Thursday October 13th 2016 and we are looking for volunteers to help us collect in Sligo Town and Carrick-on-Shannon. You can be paired with a friend for the collection if you wish and we provide tea/coffee and biscuits after.  If you can spare 2 hours and would be […]

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Counselling Volunteers Needed

We urgently need additional counselling volunteers to help reduce our waiting list. We provide specialist training on working with sexual violence issues to all our counselling volunteers.  We also provide supervision, expenses and a budget towards continued personal and professional development.  As a volunteer here you will be part of a supportive team with other therapists and […]

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We are here to listen and support you please ring 1800 750 780.