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Welcome to Sligo Rape Crisis Centre, covering Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan

We are here to listen and support women and men, and young people who have been raped, sexually assaulted, sexually abused as children or have experienced other forms of sexual violence.

We will believe you. Call our Free Phone 1800 750 780

We refer to those who have experienced sexual violence as “survivors” to acknowledge their experience.

We believe that, following an experience of sexual violence, recovery is possible and that survivors should be able to access the support they deserve.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding sexual violence or abuse are, we believe the perpetrator is to blame, not the survivor.

Services we offer

Information for survivors

Information for supporters

What to do in event of recent rape/assault

Frequently asked questions

We are here to listen and support you, please call 1800 750 780


Support SRCC By Buying A Mask

Unfortunately due to Covid 19, traditional fundraising is a no-go right now. However, we have come up with a way that our supporters can keep safe and well while raising funds for SRCC and spreading awareness of our essential services for people affected by sexual violence across Sligo, Leitrim and Cavan. All donations go directly […]

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“Ancient Irish Trees” by Alexandra van Tuyll

  An Irish Celebration– “This book, makes a great Christmas gift, published in the form of a journal, it allows for personal reflections, which is something we can all benefit from especially this difficult year.”   Sligo Rape Crisis Centre is delighted to announce the sale of the newly published book Ancient Irish Trees by […]

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We are here to listen and support you please ring 1800 750 780.